We are


Farm Xperts.

To advance and be competitive in the agriculture business division in Malaysia.


TechFarm Xperts

The core business of TechFarm Xperts are developing professions in handling modern agriculture project, utilizations of IoT (Internet of Things) in Agriculture, downstream business chain such as an agriculture supplier and developing a sustainable ecosystem for lesser carbon footprints.



To advance and be competitive in the agriculture business division in Malaysia



At TechFarm, we have our goals and objectives that we strive to achieve, which we hope can benefit everyone - us as employers, our employees, and to our community.

Develop the professionals

Establish a team to seek experience for the prospect to handle agriculture projects on a bigger scale.

AgriTech Innovations

The place to innovate technological advancement in agriculture, for commercial purpose.

Explore Specialization Opportunities

Explore opportunities e.g.: agriculture supplier, ecotourism and hospitality, café and F&B, tech-farm innovation, education and training.

Sustainability Ecosystem

As a small-scale sustainable ecosystem (food security, ecotourism, lodging), especially for our own community (Xperts Community).

Downstream Businesses

Explore options for downstream end-consumer products from the produce, for other potential business ventures.



We have several products that are grew in-house, in our technology-imbued farm. While quality is our utmost priority, our ultimate focus is to serve our community - to focus on the greater good.

Sawi Bunga

Sayur sawi bunga atau nama lainnya Choy Sum Fa mengandungi antioksidan, mineral, vitamin A, B6 dan C yang sangat bagus untuk kesihatan tubuh badan.

Pak Choy

Pakcoy (Brassica rapa subsp. chinensis) ialah salah satu sayuran dari keluarga sawi yang berasal dari China - ia lebih pendek dan berdaun lebih lebar dari sawi biasa.


Salad (Latuca sativa) adalah tanaman sayuran jenis berdaun dari keluarga Asteraceae yang ditanam kebanyakannya untuk di makan sebagai makanan segar.


Cili (Capsicum spp.) ialah sejenis sayuran berbuah daripada famili Solanaceae. Dipercayai berasal dari Mexico & Amerika Selatan, ia ditanam secara meluas serata dunia terutama kawasan beriklim tropika.


with us.

Work with us and discover great career chance, while striving for a greater good.


Overall; company and business growth and going-concern.

Financial & Profitability

Financial and profitability to fund the growth.


Sustainably contributing positive value to the community.


Employee growth and career path.